Join teams whose software is good for the planet

Reversing climate change could be your day job!

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How it works


We find software companies whose product is good for our planet


We negotiate with them to add their job listings to our website


Environmental concious developers apply to those jobs and get hired

We charge the companies for this service. It's completely free of charge for software developers.

Questions and Answers

Who is behind this?

This is Nick. A software developer who likes technology, and getting paid well for making software. Moreover, I always try to work at companies whose product is in line with my values in life.

How much this costs?

For developers (job applicants) it is completely free. But companies need to pay something per month, say a few hundred euros per month. Pricing is negotiable, and I won't charge companies that can't afford this service.

How do you determine which software products are good for the planet?

I use the Draw Down project as a reference. Check it out: It is a list of solutions for reversing global warming gathered by a large team of experts.

What inspired this?

Many things, but maybe mainly my love for fluffy animals? Just search the internet for the photos of endangered animals. By abusing the environment we are threatening their lives. Also this blog post titled "What can a technologist do about climate change?" was a nice kick. Read it here